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Lander University Grier Student Center Greenwood, SC


Type of Construction: New Construction

Delivery Method: General Construction

Architect: McMillan-Smith and Partners

Specs: 23,000 SF

Project Description

A Two story, 23,000 SF addition and renovation to the student center that includes a new dining and kitchen facility as well as student recreation area and patio area. Besides the physical challenges of inaccessibility, the cafeteria-styled Grier Student Center at Lander University lacked dining choices, a lively restaurant image and any exterior dining capabilities. The addition of 5,000 square feet increased seating capacity by 25%, including individual and group dining options for 370 to include booths, bar style seating and tables. A curved glass wall overlooks a canopied terrace and outdoor dining for up to 72 students. Improvements in lighting and acoustics, and the addition of bright colors, fabrics, and artwork were used to soften the hard surfaces and angularity of the existing facility.

Food service changes include the addition of new pizza and pasta stations and a grilling area, providing a more interactive dining experience. LCD projectors and screens along with wireless internet access have transformed the dining hall into a favorite student hang-out.

Two story, 23,000 SF addition and renovation to the student center to include new dining and kitchen facilities as well as student recreation areas and patio area.