Building with LEED

As a member of the Washington, D.C. based Green Building Council Yeargin Potter Smith Construction is fully committed to the concept of Building Green. We are well experienced in the construction means and methods of today’s sustainable building systems, to include site planning, water efficiency, energy efficiency, conservation of resources and materials as well as outdoor environmental quality control. If seeking LEED Certification for your building, Yeargin Potter Smith Construction can provide experienced and seasoned LEED accredited Project Managers on staff to handle your specific needs.




The YPS "Green Team" Preserving Our Future

As part of Yeargin Potter Smith's continuing corporate commitment to the long-term protection of our environment and its natural resources, the newsletters sent out each quarter are printed on recycled paper using environmentally friendly inks.

By taking simple steps like printing on recycled paper to changing to new energy efficient florescent light bulbs, we send a clear message to our employees, clients and the community that we value the preservation of our natural environment. One big step is our recent affiliation with the Washington, D.C. based “U.S. Green Building Council,” an organization dedicated to finding new, environmentally beneficial ways to build.

We are in the process of making sure all YPS construction project team leaders are “LEED” certified. “LEED” is the industry standard acronym for “Leadership in Energy Efficient Design,” however they also have important certifications for construction means and methods, as well as design.

YPS recently had the Rhodes Hall Bioengeneering Facility in Clemson, SC awarded a "Gold LEED Certified" project by the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to Rhodes Hall, YPS has also built Greenwood, South Carolina's Public Library with LEED's environmentally friendly building standards. 

We can all do our part toward protecting our environment and saving money at the same time by making some very simple inexpensive changes; run your dishwasher on the mini cycle and only when full, change to water saver toilets, go florescent on all your interior and exterior light bulbs (the new ones work great), clean your air filters regularly (at least once a quarter), turn the irrigation system off during and after a nice rain (water and air are our most precious resources), not to mention recycle, recycle, recycle....the list goes on and on......

We are proud to be doing our part.

Go Team....”LEED” the a better future!