Through our Partnering Program and Cornerstone Program, Yeargin Potter Smith is equipped to meet our company goal of building the highest quality buildings at the lowest possible price while offering a building experience for your congregation that is unmatched in the Southeast.
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With many congregations, the first step toward actually beginning a construction project is a groundbreaking ceremony.  On these occasions, congregations gather to symbolically, and sometimes physically, demonstrate their commitment to the program being launched. Once the ground has actually been broken, the project will be underway. It is a meaningful ceremony, and it should be, because it is the future being celebrated.  It is the people being of a mind to work.  It is a sharp and sudden focusing of that vision.



What should ideally be included in such ceremonies?  This is where the main question arises concerning groundbreaking occasions. Ceremonies can be as different as the congregations holding them.  Who is involved varies widely.  The truth is; there is no one perfect ceremony that fits all, just components included to make the occasion perfect for each individual ministry.  The Cornerstone Program provides ideas and suggestions for an effective groundbreaking ceremony. 
Evangelizing Construction Workers                                        


The Cornerstone Program can provide numerous opportunities for the church membership to become personally invested in the building program. Jobsite ministry begins with representatives of the church sharing their faith with construction workers. During the construction months there may be 100 or more workers on the church property. Many of these workers need what your church can offer, and this may be the only gospel display that these workers will ever experience.


Yeargin Potter Smith becomes the churches partner in these ministry efforts by providing a friendly connection between the church’s membership and the workers that come onto the site. We also bring structure to these efforts by providing a detailed program, training and materials.


Involvement is the backbone of the Cornerstone Program. As the building project progresses, church members can dedicate a small amount of time and reap great rewards. The jobsite becomes a central location for evangelism and relationship building opportunities.
The following are a few examples of jobsite ministry:
·         Pray at the jobsite for the workers.
·         Share your church mission and vision with the workers.LunchCorners1
·         Thank, praise and encourage workers on a regular basis.
·         Give thank-you notes or gifts to construction workers.
·         Host lunches for the workers once or twice a month.
·         Ask volunteers to serve coffee and donuts occasionally.
·         Have an appreciation event to recognize and thank workers
·         Invite workers and suppliers to the building dedication.
Serving Construction Workers


The Cornerstone Program encourages churches to develop a congregation that serves others. An example of this is a truck wash. This is a great way to serve and show appreciation to the workers on our building site. This is a very effective teen activity.

Contractor’s Car Care doesn’t necessarily end there; consider what other ministries have attempted:
Free onsite oil changes – a member of the church owned a mobile oil changing vehicle, so he went to the site to change the oil in all of the contractor’s vehicles!
Provide coupons from a local supplier for free or highly discounted oil changes, tire rotations, car washes, etc….
Showing appreciation to the workers on your jobsite will create a different jobsite behavior.
Writing on the Walls (the Gospel of “Marker”)

We encourage “Godly Graffiti” on our projects. This graffiti is made up of messages written with permanent markers on the steel, concrete floor or just about anywhere that will eventually be Corn6covered. Writing on the Walls (the Gospel of “Marker”) is another means of exposing the workers to something good. This event encourages the congregation to write out scripture verses and inspirational messages for the workers to see and read. It’s writing “Jesus loves y ou” or “We pray for you and for your safety” or “For God so loved the world….” where a worker will see it, read it and respond to it.. 


The Bible verses and other spiritual expressions written on the building will be a witness and testimony to the workers throughout the construction phase, and will forever be a part of the building itself.
No other event will surprise a worker as much as arriving on site the following day to find scripture verses, words of encouragement and expressions of thankfulness throughout the building…and they will read them!
Community outreach

The Cornerstone Program encourages good communications with the community surrounding the church jobsite. An effective way of accomplishing this is through newsletters to area homes and businesses informing them about your building program and your ministry.
These can be distributed by direct mail, newspaper insert, or hand-delivered.  Be sure to apologize for the dust and noise and to
 assure them that the project will be finished as quickly as possible.
Building Dedication


The Cornerstone Program provides many ways to celebrate the completion of your building project. Organizing your celebration event will be worth your while – you’ll reach again to the community, involve current members and wrap up your construction relationships on a high note.
Use the building dedication or grand opening to show your appreciation to the group of people that made the project possible.

Gift in Kind Opportunites


Gift in Kind – Anything given to a project other than cash

Another key ingredient in the Cornerstone Program are Gift in Kind opportunities. An effective Gift in Kind program can achieve significant savings and enhance the overall project experience within your community.
Corn10 Gift in Kind is the donation of goods, services or labor to the construction project. It often takes the form of discounts provided by construction subcontractors who have a relationship with your ministry.        
A simple definition of Gift in Kind is: Anything given to help build the new facility other than cash.
What are we looking for?
·         Reduced Prices on Materials or Services
·         Donations of Products or Services.
Effective Gift in Kind hinges on relationship linkages. Linkages are the direct or indirect personal relationships with potential donors. Potential donors have historically been Church Members, Relatives, Friends, or Employers.
Yeargin Potter Smith has developed a structured approach to Gift in Kind starting with a GIK Linkage Survey to identify key prospects.


The Yeargin Potter Smith team facilitates the subcontractor Gift in Kind negotiation process. We have found that sharing the vision of a church with the subcontractors will many times engage them in the process of accomplishing that vision. Prospects are interviewed by a team including the builder and ministry representative. The focus of the GIK Program is on relationships, stewardship and ministry vision. The Gift in Kind program is simply a refined process to facilitate the support prepared for your ministry.