We provide a wide base of services ranging from site selection and financing assistance through design, construction, and facility operating activities.

Getting the greatest value from a project can often be found by integrating construction expertise into the design process. Yeargin Potter Smith therefore offers a wide range of preconstruction services aimed at enhancing design and preparing for a successful construction effort.Through activities such as value engineering, constructability analysis, estimating and code compliance reviews, Yeargin Potter Smith ensures the design provides for the most efficient means of constructing the facility.

Some of Yeargin Potter Smith's services include:


With the majority of our work being performed as a single-responsibility, design/build effort, Yeargin Potter Smith Construction has extensive experience in gleaning the maximum from the design effort. We use this expertise not only on design/build projects, but also on projects where the client has chosen a third-party design firm. Through activities such as value engineering, constructability analysis, estimating and code compliance reviews, Yeargin Potter Smith ensures the design provides for the most efficient means and methods of constructing your facility.

General Construction

Yeargin Potter Smith’s General Construction project organization places central responsibility with the Project Manager, who reports directly to the individual designated by the Owner for the project. The management of the entire range of project activities is under the direction of Yeargin Potter Smith’s Project Manager who is responsible for directing the work of Yeargin Potter Smith’s field forces and subcontractors. The Project Manager will be supported by a Project Superintendent(s) who will be on site during all working hours. The Superintendent(s) will work closely with the Project Manager to provide long and short-term scheduling, subcontractor management, and implementation of Yeargin Potter Smith’s programs for safety and quality management.


Purchasing and procurement activities throughout construction will be coordinated through Yeargin Potter Smith’s Project Manager and the site team. Purchasing, as it applies to subcontracts and expediting, will be handled through the Project Manager. The Project Manager will coordinate all activities with the site team to ensure the subcontract conditions and delivery dates are adhered to and clearly understood.


In cooperation with the project participants, Yeargin Potter Smith will develop a critical path schedule that meets the reporting needs of the project. Yeargin Potter Smith uses the Primavera Sure Trak scheduling system, which provides a sequential order of activities. We use this system to clearly communicate to each discipline and subcontractor their responsibility in meeting the scope of work that is to be accomplished. As General Contractor, Yeargin Potter Smith takes full responsibility for enforcing this schedule.

Cost Control

Yeargin Potter Smith will track all cost through the collection of cost data as compiled by the Project Manager. Monthly time and material invoices will be processed and input into Yeargin Potter Smith’s Timberline Gold cost control system. From this data, a monthly cost report is generated by the Project Manager. Within this report, Yeargin Potter Smith shows cost committed to date versus the subcontract amount. This report incorporates changes to the scope of the work. Yeargin Potter Smith will measure all cost data against the control estimate and recommend action to the Owner on any variances.

Quality Control

Yeargin Potter Smith’s Quality Control program emphasizes planning and prevention as the best means to achieving overall project goals for quality, cost and schedule. We view quality as more than a simple measurement of conformity to specifications. True quality is obtained by building a TEAM atmosphere with clearly understood expectations for each party involved in the project. Within this concept, we have learned that the overall quality of a project cannot be guaranteed solely by a general contractor pushing a subcontractor, or material supplier, to meet expectations that are beyond their capabilities. Our Quality Control program ensures that subcontractor qualification and site management of materials in conducted to the highest standards in the industry.


Yeargin Potter Smith will work from preliminary documents to establish an initial budget. From that budget benchmark we will utilize our extensive databank of historical costs provided from Yeargin Potter Smith’s project background and local subcontractor pricing. Cost items such as on-site personnel requirements, equipment, material quantities and temporary facility requirements are among the categories to be considered. After completion, the estimate is then continually refined and expanded in detail as the design process proceeds.

Site Evaluation

Yeargin Potter Smith will evaluate your new site and carry out the necessary due diligence while staying focused on your long-term needs. We will proceed with a systematic program yielding concise information on site utility availability, site cost evaluation and current zoning requirements. We will provide assistance in re-zoning if necessary. Expensive delays and changes can be avoided by investing in a comprehensive site evaluation.

Construction Management

With the high complexity of a construction project it is essential to pay close and continous attention to every detail throughout the process. At Yeargin Potter Smith we can provide the assistance needed to the owner to ensure the "make or break" details are properly supervised and executed. Construction Management can aid the client in the pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise that will assure the highest quality product no matter what delivery method is used for the project.


By applying the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract to your project, Yeargin Potter Smith is able to use their experienced and accomplished staff to bring your design from concept to reality while keeping your costs, and risks, low. This is done by YPS desinging, scheduling, and procuring the necessary materials for the job which lowers the overall risk for the owner on the project.


The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows both Yeargin Potter Smith and the owner to explore a project's key functional and physical characteristics before it is built. By using BIM, we build the highest quality product for the client through increased visualization and speed of delivery while reducing costs.


Using a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions, Yeargin Potter Smith's LEED certified staff members can assure the client's project is constructed in the most environmentally friendly way. Having YPS construct a project using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design system can benefit the client by reducing cost streams associated with building operations, reducing environmental impacts, creating healthier and more productive employee workspaces, and providing public recognition for leadership in sustainability.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery allows the owner, architect, and contractors to collaborate their talents and insights to optimize the project’s results. By using IPD, Yeargin Potter Smith reduces waste and maximizes overall efficiency through all phases of the design, fabrication, and construction process to increase value to the owner.


Partnering with Yeargin Potter Smith allows for improved communication and efficieny between the architect, engineer, contractor, and owner while working towards the common goal of an efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and fully functional building. Using this service we can build a strong relationship with our client with the trust, commitment, and teamwork of all parties to ultimately build a product with the highest quality.