Through our Partnering Program and Cornerstone Program, Yeargin Potter Smith is equipped to meet our company goal of building the highest quality buildings at the lowest possible price while offering a building experience for your congregation that is unmatched in the Southeast.
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The Cornerstone Program

We enjoy taking an active part in providing Ministry Opportunities to our church partners. This is accomplished through our Cornerstone Program, a structured ministry program developed specifically for churches. 


A building campaign is a long process, one that could take the church out of its normal circles of fellowship and into the community. It provides unique opportunities to connect the congregation with people outside of the church family, such as: neighbors, construction workers, tradesmen, supervisors and managers who are serving you.


The Cornerstone Program can have an eternal influence by challenging ministry leaders to lead by vision, to increase ministry and to build stronger relationships. Part of this vision is to change the way churches approach construction, with an emphasis on stewardship and relationships, and enable churches to build their people as we build buildings.


Churches often fail to realize the huge opportunity for ministry growth and outreach during construction. Rather than limiting the involvement of the congregation to a ground breaking ceremony and building dedication, the Cornerstone program encourages involvement during construction. Our goal is to achieve 100% involvement from the congregation. This is accomplished through two major areas—Ministry Opportunities and Gift in Kind Opportunities.